Sykes Lawn Turf - Sheffield, Lincoln, Rotherham, Newark, Barnsley, Worksop, Chesterfield, Retford, Mansfield

Preparation and Laying Turf

Your purchase of Sykes Lawn Turf should allow you to swiftly establish a lawn of beauty and maturity without the usual time and hassels of seeding.

It is however important to correctly manage the transplantation and care of your turf to protect your investment.

This essential advice is provided to help you establish your turf in its new environment within two to three weeks during mild weather and with four to eight weeks during the winter months.


  1. Turn over your garden to create a good top soil of between 4 to 6 inches in depth.
  2. Remove any stones and perennial weeds and rake to a level.
  3. Lightly consolidate the soil by walking all over it. Do not roll at this stage because it will make the site too firm. Rake until the surface is level.
  4. We recommend to use a general base fertilizer and mix into the top couple of inches of soil.
  5. Rake the surface to obtain a fine tilth, you are now ready to lay your turf.

Laying the turf

  1. Lay your turf immediately after delivery, or at the most, within 24 hours.
  2. The first row of turves should be laid end to end along a straight border. Do not pull the turf to stretch it, but gently push together.
  3. Lay a plank on the turf you have just laid and work from this to lay each row of turf. Avoid leaving small strips on the outer edges, as they will not retain moisture. On slopes lay turf across the slope.
  4. If there are any gaps between the joints, these can be filled with a peat and sand mix.
  5. Immediately after laying the turf give a really good soaking. Check that the water has penetrated through the turf by gently lifting a corner to see if the backing is wet. If not, the turf has not had enough water. It is recommended you use a sprinkler to ensure the water soaks through evenly over your new lawned area. Using a hosepipe or watering can is not sufficient as the water tends to run off, rather than soak through the turf.
  6. It is important that the grass is not allowed to grow too long before the first mowing. We make every effort to deliver your turf within 24 hours of harvesting. The sooner the turf is laid the more likely it is to establish itself quickly. Unlaid turf should be stored rolled in a cool shaded area. DO NOT WET OR COVER the rolled turf, as this will increase the speed of deteriotion.

Watering New Turf

Protecting Your Investment.....WATER IT!!

You are seriously risking the health of your new turf if you dont give it sufficient water. Turf needs watering as soon as it is laid. If conditions are dry, do not wait until you have completed laying a large area, but water as you go along. Watering as soon as possible is necessary to help a new root system become established.

During dry weather, turf may require not only soaking immediately after installation, but keeping wet until fully established which may take several weeks.

DO NOT allow your turf to dry out or shrink WATER IT!